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For as long as I can remember I have been cooking and giving advice about cooking. A few years ago I finally decided to make it a profession. Since then I have enjoyed every minute of my time in the kitchen. I want to inspire everyone to get in the kitchen and get cooking.

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Are you a vegan or vegetarian? For the most part, yes. However, I’ve been known to eat hot wings in time of great distress. Yes, I know how that sounds, we all have our monsters to slay. Typically I do not define my eating habits as I will spend more  time defending my choices rather than enjoying food. My goal is to eat a whole foods plant based diet, while eating  less processed crap.

Do I need to be a vegetarian in order to be healthy? No, not at all. While I do believe meat and dairy intake should be minimal.

Organic products are so expensive, I notice a lot of organic products on your site. Do you only buy organic? I’m not 100% there, yet. I would say about 75% of my diet comes from organic non GMO sources. I usually frequent my local farmers market or local CSA for great deals. I think organic products are well worth the extra expense. However, if you cannot afford organic or non GMO, buy the best quality you can afford. Try using frozen as they are often cheaper than fresh and last longer.

What is your favorite food? French Fries and Chips and Salsa, in that order but not together.

Where did you receive your professional training? At a culinary school in Dallas, TX.

I want to lose weight, what would make the biggest impact? This used to be an easy answer for me, but over the years the food industry has gotten craftier. I used to suggest  starting by ridding your food choices of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Now, I’ suggest home cooking  more meals than you eat out. This will allow you to have better control over what goes in your body.

Do you ever miss eating chicken, ribs or ham, pork chops, etc? Next to where do I get my protein, this is the second most commonly asked question. No, I do not miss eating these foods, because:
1. I have found great replacements.
2. I remember how my health began to improve once I stopped eating meat and dairy.
3. Since I have not eaten these things in abundance for many years, I no longer crave them (see exception above).

So, where do you get your protein? Just to make it easy for everyone…from everything that is not meat or dairy :).


Last updated on 11.28.16

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