Kitchen Essentials – Chef’s Knife

In the kitchen, your chef’s knife is your most important tool. You need to invest in one good quality knife. You do not need an expensive knife, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Have you ever been cutting something and the handle break off in your hand? Or you while you are cutting, the blade starts to bend and bow, even snapping in two? One good knife can last for years and many come with warranties. Take the time to do your research, it could make your moments in the kitchen a lot more fruitful.

What to look for when buying a knife:

  • A stainless steel blade
  • The knife blade and handle needs to be one piece, you don’t want a nub of steel inside the handle
  • For the handle to fit your hand. This means you will need to hold the knife (no buying 20 knives in a package).
  • The length of the blade, they vary from 8 – 15 inches. If you are clumsy, choose a smaller length. The one I use is 8 inches 😉

Keep your knife sharp:

Having a dull knife will slow you down and can also be dangerous. Everyone has tried to cut something and the blade was so dull that it slipped off and you nearly cut your hand. You ended up having to stop, gather yourself and start over again. Wasting valuable time and coming close to cutting off a finger or two. Of course having a sharp knife, will make cutting and chopping easier. However keeping your knife sharp does not mean to sharpen it in the traditional sense. You need to hone your knife. Honing straightens the microscopic teeth along the edge of the knife. While sharpening strips away little bits of metal and over time can actual thin your blade. You should hone your knife every time you start a meal. It only take a few moments to do. In the moments you lose taking the time to this, you will more than get back. Watch the video link above to see how it’s done. Sharpening your knife should be done about once a year, preferably by a professional.

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